Service manual New Holland E265, E305

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The New Holland E265 and E305 are models of hydraulic excavators manufactured by New Holland Construction, a brand of CNH Industrial. These excavators are designed for heavy-duty applications in construction, excavation, mining, and other related industries. Here are some key features and specifications of each model:

New Holland E265:

Operating weight: Approximately 26,300 kg (58,000 lbs)
Engine power: 142 kW (190 hp)
Bucket capacity: 0.51 – 1.57 m³ (0.67 – 2.05 yd³)
Maximum digging depth: 6,650 mm (21’10”)
Maximum reach: 9,800 mm (32’2″)
New Holland E305:

Operating weight: Approximately 30,500 kg (67,200 lbs)
Engine power: 160 kW (215 hp)
Bucket capacity: 0.51 – 2.04 m³ (0.67 – 2.67 yd³)
Maximum digging depth: 7,810 mm (25’7″)
Maximum reach: 10,750 mm (35’3″)
Both models offer a range of features and technologies aimed at enhancing performance, productivity, and operator comfort. Some common features found in these excavators may include:

Advanced hydraulic systems for efficient and precise control of the machine
Spacious and ergonomic operator cabins with excellent visibility and adjustable seats
Operator-friendly controls, including joysticks and a multifunctional monitor
Attachments and quick couplers for various applications
Heavy-duty undercarriages for stability and durability
Environmental-friendly engines that comply with emission regulations
It’s important to note that specific features, specifications, and availability may vary depending on the region and the model year.

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