Service manual New Holland E265, E305 (Tier 3) Crawler Excavator

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New Holland Construction offers a range of crawler excavators designed for various construction and earthmoving applications. These machines are known for their durability, performance, and advanced features. Here are some general features and specifications you might find in New Holland crawler excavators:

Engine: New Holland excavators are typically equipped with powerful diesel engines designed for efficiency and performance. The specific engine specifications can vary depending on the model and the emission standards of the region.

Operating Weight: The operating weight of New Holland excavators can vary based on the model and configuration. Typically, larger excavators like the E265B and E305B would have higher operating weights to provide stability and increased digging power.

Bucket Capacity: Excavator bucket capacities can also vary depending on the model and application. Larger excavators generally have larger bucket capacities to handle more significant amounts of material during excavation.

Digging Depth and Reach: New Holland excavators are designed to offer a specific digging depth and reach. These specifications determine the maximum depth at which the machine can excavate and the maximum distance it can reach horizontally from its centerline.

Hydraulic System: New Holland excavators feature advanced hydraulic systems that enable precise and efficient operation. Hydraulic systems power the excavator’s various functions, including digging, lifting, and swinging the boom and arm.

Operator Comfort and Safety: New Holland focuses on providing comfortable and safe working environments for operators. Features such as ergonomic controls, spacious cabs with excellent visibility, and intuitive interfaces are commonly incorporated into their excavators.

It’s worth noting that specific details, such as engine power, bucket capacity, digging depth, and reach, can vary between models and different versions of the E265B and E305B.

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