Service manual New Holland Workmaster 35, Workmaster 40 Compact Tractor

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New Holland Workmaster 35:
Engine: The Workmaster 35 is powered by a diesel engine, likely around 35 horsepower, though exact specifications may vary.
Transmission: It typically comes with a hydrostatic transmission, which provides ease of use and smooth control, especially for less experienced operators.
Attachments: The tractor is equipped with a three-point hitch, allowing it to use various implements such as mowers, loaders, and backhoes.
Size: As a compact tractor, it is designed to be maneuverable and versatile in tight spaces.
Applications: The Workmaster 35 is suitable for small farming tasks, landscaping, property maintenance, and other light-duty applications.

New Holland Workmaster 40:
Engine: The Workmaster 40 likely has a diesel engine with approximately 40 horsepower, but specific engine details may vary depending on the model and year.
Transmission: Similar to the Workmaster 35, it likely comes with a hydrostatic transmission for easy operation.
Attachments: This model should also have a three-point hitch to accommodate various implements and attachments.
Size: Being a compact tractor, the Workmaster 40 offers agility and versatility for small-scale farming and landscaping tasks.
Applications: The Workmaster 40 is suitable for similar applications as the Workmaster 35, such as light farming, property maintenance, and landscaping.

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