Service manual 2010 Harley-Davidson Touring Models, Electra Glide Classic, Street Glide, Road King, Road Glide

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The 2010 Harley-Davidson Touring Models were part of the company’s popular line of touring motorcycles. These models were designed for long-distance cruising and were equipped with a range of features to enhance comfort, performance, and style.

Some of the notable features of the 2010 Harley-Davidson Touring Models included:

Twin Cam 96 engine: This powerful engine provided the bikes with ample power and torque for long-distance riding.
Six-speed transmission: The six-speed transmission made it easy for riders to find the right gear for any situation.
Electronic throttle control: This system provided smooth, precise throttle response and improved fuel efficiency.
Anti-lock braking system (ABS): The ABS system helped to improve stopping power and prevent skidding in wet or slippery conditions.
Cruise control: This feature allowed riders to set and maintain a steady speed on long rides, reducing fatigue.
Comfortable seats and ergonomics: The touring models were designed with rider and passenger comfort in mind, featuring well-padded seats and adjustable foot pegs.
Some of the specific models in the 2010 Touring lineup included:

Electra Glide Classic: This model featured classic Harley-Davidson styling and a range of touring-oriented features, such as a large fairing, hard saddlebags, and a luggage rack.
Street Glide: The Street Glide had a more streamlined look and featured a lower profile windshield and a “batwing” fairing.
Road King: The Road King was a stripped-down touring bike that featured a classic Harley-Davidson look and feel, with a large front headlight and exposed engine.
Road Glide: The Road Glide had a distinctive “shark nose” fairing and a frame-mounted front end that provided more stability at high speeds.
Overall, the 2010 Harley-Davidson Touring Models were popular among riders who wanted a powerful and comfortable touring bike with a classic American look and feel.

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