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In 2002, Harley-Davidson offered a range of Touring models, known for their comfort, long-distance cruising capabilities, and iconic Harley styling. The Touring models are built for riders who appreciate the combination of performance and touring comfort. Here’s an overview of the 2002 Harley-Davidson Touring Models:

1. Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Standard (FLHT):

Classic Look: The Electra Glide Standard featured timeless styling with a classic touring look.
Comfortable Ride: Designed for long-distance touring with comfortable seating and rider amenities.

2. Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Classic (FLHTC):

Enhanced Features: The Electra Glide Classic offered additional features and comforts for touring riders.
Tour-Pak: Equipped with a Tour-Pak luggage carrier for extra storage capacity.

3. Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Classic (FLHTCU):

Top-of-the-Line Touring: The Ultra Classic was the flagship model, offering the highest level of comfort and amenities.
Electra Glide Ultra Classic Shrine Edition: A special edition with additional features and customization options was also available.

4. Harley-Davidson Road King (FLHR):

Timeless Style: The Road King combined classic cruiser styling with touring capabilities.
Detachable Windshield: Featured a detachable windshield for rider customization.

5. Harley-Davidson Road King Classic (FLHRC):

Retro Styling: The Road King Classic featured retro-inspired design elements for a nostalgic look.
Studded Leather Saddlebags: Equipped with studded leather saddlebags for added storage.

6. Harley-Davidson Road Glide (FLTR):

Unique Front Fairing: The Road Glide had a distinctive shark-nose front fairing for improved aerodynamics.
Touring Comfort: Designed for comfortable long-distance touring.

7. Harley-Davidson Road Glide Classic (FLTRC):

Similar Features: Shared many features with the Road Glide model, potentially offering enhanced amenities.
Customization: Offered rider customization options.

8. Harley-Davidson Tour Glide (FLTCU):

Classic Tour Glide: The Tour Glide model offered a traditional touring experience.
Rider Comfort: Designed for comfortable two-up riding on extended journeys.

9. Harley-Davidson Touring Specs:

All Touring models were equipped with Harley’s iconic V-twin engines, delivering the signature Harley-Davidson sound and torque.
The Touring lineup offered various seating options, saddlebag configurations, and accessories for rider customization.
These models were built for extended road trips, featuring ample storage space and rider-friendly features.

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