Electrical Diagnostic Manual 2014 Harley-Davidson Touring Models

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In 2014, Harley-Davidson introduced several touring models as part of their lineup. These touring models were designed to provide comfort, power, and ample storage capacity for riders who enjoy long-distance cruising. Here are some notable touring models offered by Harley-Davidson in 2014:

Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Classic: The Electra Glide Ultra Classic served as the flagship touring motorcycle, boasting a classic Harley-Davidson aesthetic. It featured a Twin Cam 103 engine, a spacious fairing with a windshield, saddlebags for storage, and a comfortable two-up seating arrangement.

Harley-Davidson Road Glide: The Road Glide stood out with its distinctive “shark-nose” fairing and dual headlights. It came equipped with a Twin Cam 103 engine, a frame-mounted fairing that reduced wind buffeting, and hard saddlebags for convenient storage.

Harley-Davidson Street Glide: The Street Glide gained popularity with its sleek and stylish design. It shared many features with the Electra Glide Ultra Classic but featured a lowered rear suspension for a slightly more aggressive riding position.

Harley-Davidson Road King: The Road King blended nostalgic styling with modern performance. It included a detachable windshield, hard-shell saddlebags, and a powerful Twin Cam 103 engine.

Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited: The Ultra Limited offered top-of-the-line features and comfort for riders seeking the ultimate touring experience. It came equipped with the Twin-Cooled High Output Twin Cam 103 engine, an advanced infotainment system, heated hand grips, and additional storage compartments.

These are just a few examples of the touring models available from Harley-Davidson in 2014. Each model showcased its own unique features and styling, allowing riders to choose the one that best suited their preferences for long-distance rides.

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