Service manual 2022 Touring Harley-Davidson

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Touring Models are a popular line of Harley-Davidson motorcycles designed for long-distance touring and cruising. These motorcycles are built for comfort, with features such as large windshields, spacious seats, and ample storage capacity to accommodate long journeys.

Some of the popular models in the Touring lineup include:

Road King: This classic Harley-Davidson model offers a comfortable ride with a traditional styling. It features a large windshield, comfortable seating, and spacious saddlebags for storage.

Street Glide: The Street Glide is a stylish touring model that combines the classic Harley-Davidson look with modern features such as an infotainment system, Bluetooth connectivity, and a powerful stereo.

Electra Glide: The Electra Glide is a classic touring motorcycle that has been a favorite among Harley-Davidson enthusiasts for decades. It offers a comfortable ride and plenty of storage space, making it ideal for long-distance touring.

Road Glide: The Road Glide features a distinctive “shark-nose” fairing and a powerful engine, making it a popular choice for touring enthusiasts who want a motorcycle with a bold look and plenty of power.

Ultra Limited: The Ultra Limited is the ultimate touring motorcycle, offering all the features and amenities a rider could ask for. It features a powerful engine, advanced infotainment system, heated handgrips, and many other comfort and convenience features.

No matter which Touring model you choose, you can be sure that you are getting a motorcycle built for comfort and long-distance touring. Harley-Davidson is known for its quality and durability, and Touring models are no exception.

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